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Andrea Hawkes: Elegant Bridal Wear in London

Words By: Charles Edwards-Freshwater

Choosing the right bridal boutique to create your gown is almost a rite of passage. With so many exquisite designers available ranging from the huge names in fashion to brilliant boutique designers who offer a more individual approach, finding the dress that really speaks to you is never simple, however a good place to start is to look towards the delights of Andrea Hawkes.

Based in Clerkenwell, London, Andrea Hawkes is a bridal designer who have stood out from the masses and for very good reason. Renowned for their sleek and classic approach to bridal gowns with a touch of contemporary flair, it’s little wonder that the boutique has been recommended by the likes of Conde Nast Brides and Vogue - every single one of their gowns is a treasure that will be savoured for far longer than just the big day.

Perhaps what makes Andrea Hawkes such a unique option is that their gowns are such a beautiful blend of past and present. Honing in on classic techniques which flatter all body shapes, the designer then makes sure the dress is still modern with contemporary cuts or modern details resulting in dresses that are timeless and romantic – ideal for a bride who wants to take the traditional route with style.

Another thing that really sets Andrea Hawkes apart is the material they use to create their stunning designs. Solely using the finest European silks and French lace, these dazzling gowns are all individual and unique, each little detail lovingly crafted by hand so that the finished effect is truly a showstopper every time.  Due to these delicate details Andrea Hawkes have split their creations into a number of very different collections, each one highlighting her skills as a designer in a number of ways whilst still maintaining the core ethos that makes Andrea Hawkes an iconic name to begin with.

The first collection is arguably the purest expression of the skills of the team behind the Andrea Hawkes label. Classic, chic, and made unique with contemporary couture flourishes and finishes, these gowns are all elegant and inspiring, with standout pieces such as the ‘Cecilia’ providing an instant wow factor with a floor length French lace coat with a silk bias slip or the ‘Thea’ edging towards iconic elegance with its front seams which have become one of the signature touches that Andrea Hawkes have mastered. 

Ideal for a bride who wants something elegant and timeless without straying into the realms of too expected, these gowns are full of graceful beauty and precise allure, every detail a testament to the Andrea Hawkes approach. Those looking for something with a bit more of a modern style however, should look towards Andrea Hawkes’ Collection 2.

A beautiful array of gowns that have been streamlined to suit a new era of elegant ladies looking to tie the knot, many of the standout pieces in the collection are individual and exceptional, the ‘Floe’ and ‘Willow’ separates a gorgeous combination that can also be matched with other styles and the ‘Stella’ a two piece that updates tradition to a modern point of view with a simplistic and highly sophisticated shape. The perfect dresses for a woman who wants to ensure her ceremony is contemporary and daring, though still entirely elegant in every single detail, Andrea Hawkes’ Collection 2 is ideal for finding the perfect dress if you want something out of the ordinary.

Of course, Andrea Hawkes have become renowned for more than just their collections, and should you be looking for something individual and including the elements you most like from the designer’s work you can always opt for a fully bespoke gown made entirely for you. Working with you as a team, the masters at Andrea Hawkes will discuss your favourite finishes and details, drawing up the dress of your dreams in order to ensure that on your big day you can have a gown that really reflects who you are as a person.

A talented wedding dress designer who has become iconic due to their passion for both classicism and contemporary designs, Andrea Hawkes have made their mark with their gorgeous details and streamlined silhouettes, catering for a bride who wants to feel up to date and in the moment but also who wants to capture the glamour and romance of classic cuts. Stylish and sophisticated from head to toe, once you try a gown from Andrea Hawkes you will realise that finding the dress that’s best for you is sometimes easier than you could ever imagine.

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