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A Carefree Caribbean Ceremony at Carlisle Bay Antigua

Words By: Charles Edwards-Freshwater

With wedding season well and truly here it’s sometimes difficult not to want to escape for a holiday. After all, no matter how excited you are for the big day, all of the planning and things to do will have anyone daydreaming about running off to a tropical island for some rest and relaxation.  

So why not combine the two? Many people have started to opt for weddings abroad where the weather is nicer and the atmosphere more relaxing, and if there’s one series of sun drenched islands that has always been regarded as the very best for a tropical ceremony it’s the Caribbean. Though many fine resorts call this archipelago home, it is Antigua’s Carlisle Bay Antigua that has become a hotspot for those looking to get hitched in sunnier climes and for very good reason.

First of all, the resort itself is simply stunning. With its white sands, turquoise waters and swaying palms, the resort is the exact image you would imagine when someone describes the typical Caribbean fantasy, the pink blush of the sunsets and the melodic sound of the crashing waves just a part of the sensational appeal the area has on the senses. 

Surrounded by a lush wall of emerald green forest, Carlisle Bay Antigua has a level of intimacy and natural wonder that many Caribbean resorts are without, the whole area acting as a haven of relaxation for those looking for a traditional island escape.

That’s not to mean that Carlisle Bay Antigua is in any way old fashioned however, and despite its charming atmosphere of West Indian conviviality the resort has a distinctly contemporary vibe, every space from the suites to the restaurants having a fresh and welcoming look that wouldn’t be out of place in the most stylish of summer abodes around the world.

For you to consider your special day to be held somewhere overseas the location has to be truly unique, and here is where Carlisle Bay Antigua really stands out from the crowd. Fitted with newly appointed Bay Suites, the hotel offers some of the most breathtaking accommodation on the island, the large, understated 780 sq feet rooms all benefitting from beautiful ocean front views. A private butler service comes as standard, and a vodka and rum bar set up and luxurious bathing amenities are sure to make every evening spent in them an occasion to be remembered.

Situated adjacent to the resort’s private beach, the bride and groom are also able to arrange a romantic meal on the jetty for just the two of them, watching the waves roll in and romancing under the starlight as they enjoy an indulgent array of delicious freshly prepared local produce. Adventurous couples can also spend the time exploring the natural beauty of the island itself, snorkelling in the bright reefs or sailing over the azure waves to secluded bays for romantic picnics.

Of course this is all just what’s on offer leading up to the big day itself, and the main attraction of Carlisle Bay Antigua as a wedding venue is the sheer amount of versatility. Variety is the spice of life, and understanding that not all of us have dreamed about the big white wedding Carlisle Bay Antigua has a number of more personal options for those who prefer things a little more low key. 

Whether you want to hold a small ceremony for just the two of you on the private beach against the stunning backdrop of the rolling waves or prefer a larger gathering in the enchanted gardens that surround the resort with family and close friends, the whole affair is made all the easier by the resort’s own bespoke wedding planners.

Individuals dedicated to ensuring that your special day is exactly how you want it from the flowers to the food and everything in between, the wedding planners will help your dream take shape and become reality, bringing the island fantasy to life with your input every step along the way.  

The whole resort can even be rented out if you did want the larger ceremony, jetting over everyone from around the world with you to enjoy the island paradise uninterrupted by other guests during your special time.

It is the little touches that make a wedding at Carlisle Bay Antigua so spectacular. Fireworks spreading their colours over the glistening waters, live music serenading you down a beachside aisle, a bespoke menu completely tailored to your tastes, you can even get the necessary evil of the paperwork done on the island to save the hassle of doing it on a later date.

These touches aside however, and of the very best parts about marrying in Carlisle Bay Antigua is that you can honeymoon in the same location, simply enjoying the aftermath of a spectacular occasion with your one and only on an island paradise without having to catch another flight. 

Whether you spend your time dining on the delicious pan Asian delicacies at East (continually voted as one of the very best restaurants on the whole of Antigua) or want to indulge in a pampering session for two at the Blue Spa which has a special treatment room especially for couples massage and other treatments, Carlisle Bay Antigua is a versatile Elysium that can be transformed to suit your needs. 

After all, your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life, so why not make it a fantasy come true?

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