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Fawley Court: An Exclusive Property Opens Its Doors

Words By: Charles Edwards-Freshwater

One of the best things about England is that our country clubs and estates are simply some of the most beautiful in the world. From striking castles to buildings that are alive with a storied heritage, there are a number of fine buildings that have become celebrated globally for their charms, one of the most iconic of which is the privately owned Fawley Court.

Built in 1684 by genius architect Sir Christopher Wren who is the man responsible for beautiful buildings such as St.Paul’s Cathedral and Hampton Court, Fawley Court is a stunning riverside property that is the most modern expression of luxurious exclusivity. Every room has been designed by an architect of either the 17th or 18th century and still hold many of their original features intact, lending every space a wonderful sense of period glamour. Take the downstairs salon for example. Designed by Grinling Gibbons who was Wren’s master carver, the ceiling of the salon is alive with enchanting carvings of prancing fallow deer and other intricate details – design elements which are typically associated with estate as a whole.

A number of other rooms were designed by the esteemed architect James Wyatt, a man who not only designed five cathedrals and palaces but also injected his particular flair for opulence into some of the most striking areas of the estate. Of course, the stunning aesthetics don’t end within the house, and the grounds were also sculpted by England’s most renowned landscape artist ‘Capability Brown’, every single alcove filled with beautiful features that make the gardens, lawns and natural splendour just as timeless as the interior.

Despite this historical flair however, today Fawley Court is just as much about the art it holds within its halls as it is about the striking architecture. Whilst you would perhaps expect the paintings within the rooms to echo the period in which it was built, in actuality Fawley Court has become a wonderful harmony of past and present, the artworks all contemporary and avant garde in order to show that, though Fawley Court treasures its past, it also looks towards the future. It is this melange of classic and contemporary that really sets Fawley Court apart from other stately homes and begs the question – why should someone have to choose between classic and contemporary?

Today Fawley Park acts as a riverside country club without equal, and is the perfect place for weddings, celebrations and other important events. The most prominent of these has to be the Henley Regatta. The oldest regatta in the world, Henley Regatta first started in 1839 and is the only rowing event to operate under the patronage of HM The Queen.

Situated on the banks of the stretch of the Thames were this historical event takes place, Fawley Court has become one of the most wonderful places to view the race and is the only riverside club house from which you can see the entirety of the race from start to finish. 

Named “the swankiest place to watch the Regatta” by the Sunday Times, Fawley Court features a stunning contemporary restaurant which serves delicious cuisine during the event as well as lounge viewing decks and an innovative floating ‘Long Water Bar’ – the best place to enjoy a glass of fine champagne as you cheer on whoever you’re supporting.  “At Fawley” is even an iconic cry among those competing in the races, the house marking the halfway part of the race and often encouraging the teams to push harder towards victory as they head into those final strokes.

A chic mix of stunning entertainment and business networking situated in a quintessentially English setting, Henley Regatta is arguably one of the most important events of the season and one that should always be enjoyed in the very height of style. The sophisticated enclosures and wonderful riverside views attract crowds of up to 120,000 exclusive guests each year, and those who come to Fawley Court are able to indulge in their VIP Hospitality package, a wonderful deal that includes access to Fawley Court estate, a gourmet four course lunch, complimentary use of the bar throughout the day and even transfer by helicopter or Rolls-Royce is organised in advance and many other perks as well.

A beautiful estate that has been formed by centuries of history and innovation, Fawley Court is undoubtedly one of the most pervasively luxurious estates that England has to offer, the stunning architecture and dedication to art marking it out as truly individual. Ideal for exclusive events and finally opening its doors after 175 years, Fawley Court is also the finest place along the Thames to enjoy the regatta every year and one which has deservedly been called one of the finest estates in England. After all, it makes sense to watch such a historic event from somewhere equally as esteemed and in the very height of sophistication – you have to do these things properly to truly enjoy them.

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