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Hermès Apple Watch Double Tour

Words By: Charles Edwards-Freshwater

It’s no secret that the world has been faced with what could be called a smartwatch revolution in recent times, and that is in no way a bad thing. Sure, traditionalists will always prefer a wristwatch which has a number of complex complications and artisanal skill, but with the digital age well and truly upon us, the smart watch has definitely found its place.

Able to do everything from sync to all of your other apple products and play music, receive phone calls and even pay for shopping with just a simple tap of a button, the Apple Watch itself is somewhat of a technical marvel, seamlessly integrating a number of apps and elements which make life all the smoother.

The watch can even keep you in shape and monitor your daily activity, counting your steps and keeping track of the calories burned, effectively taking the place of other exercise wristband devices.

But what about standing out from the crowd? The Apple Watch is certainly not short of people who want to buy it, and those looking for something more exclusive would be forgiven for overlooking this marvellous gadget – that is until the Hermès Apple Watch was introduced.

A fashionable take on the traditional design, the Hermès version of the watch sees a number of innovations to the design that elevate the rather futuristic looking piece of tech into something slightly more refined.

Leather straps handmade by the Hermès artisans in France are the main feature of this design, and are available in a number of colours including tan, blue and light grey. The watch’s face has also undergone a transformation, reinterpreted by the Apple designers in California for a sleeker, more elegant aesthetic.

A gadget that combines the technological prowess of the modern age with the refined spirit of one of Paris’ most renowned fashion houses, the Hermès Apple Watch is ideal for any fashionista who wants to keep at the forefront of technology without losing their style.

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