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Hermione Harbutt: Couture Bridal Headdresses

Words By: Katie Hill

Jackie Kennedy once said that “pearls are always appropriate” and that’s a statement that can be no truer than on the day of your wedding. Whilst brides often want to bring something new to the table your wedding is an occasion that deserves to have a little tradition to it. When considering your jewellery for the big day, pearls will quite likely cross your mind but Hermione Harbutt presents an entirely new way in which to wear them. 

With stores in Bristol and London, Hermione Harbutt’s boutiques are a shrine to the freshwater pearl – but perhaps not as you expect. As far from any Margaret Thatcher connotations as you can be, the boutiques are filled with intricate, nature-inspired headdresses, alongside coordinating necklaces, bracelets and earrings – each more beautiful than the last.  “Every Hermione Harbutt piece is individually handmade in the London and Bristol showrooms with meticulous attention to detail, love and care using pearls, Swarovski crystals and gemstones” says designer and company owner Hermione.

The bride who chooses a Hermione Harbutt headdress is one who appreciates exquisite detail, but more than that she is one who appreciates the level of service Hermione is renowned for. “I am hugely passionate about my work and aim to exceed the expectations of every one of my brides and clients. We offer a very personal and friendly service, “says Hermione.

If you go down the bespoke design service route, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to have your exact specifications come to life, each swirl, flower or tendril precisely as you’d like it. Your choices will be entirely unique, beautiful couture accessories for you to treasure for the rest of your life. Following your wedding, Hermione will convert your headdress, with variations in whatever pearl/crystal/gemstone detailing, wiring or colour that you so desire. An entirely bespoke design, completely unique to you.

Stepping through the door of one of the boutiques is like being whisked into a fairy tale world that is literally twinkling with light reflecting pearls, crystals and gemstones so you can’t help but feel special. “Working in such a lovely environment and constantly surrounded by beautiful things means we are continually inspired whilst we work,” says Hermione. “We keep a close eye on current bridal and fashion trends with mood boards adorning the walls of the work spaces. Brides keep us feeling inspired with bespoke design requests, meaning we are continually creating fresh and exciting signature pieces.”

You may think the combination of intricate metal work, pearls, gems and crystals could yield only a certain amount of results but what is truly stunning about Hermione’s collections is the vast range of products. From understated accessories to head turning headdresses that would please even the most ostentatious of brides, the options are quite simply endless.

“Inspiration for new designs comes from many different sources; current fashion trends and styles, nature and organic forms. I’ve always been fond of past eras and fashion trends, especially the 1920s – 1950s” says Hermione of her designs. What is most evident is the dedication to the theme of nature, perhaps an obvious decision when using something as natural as pearls “the intricate details of flowers, leaves and tendrils feature heavily in my designs, and give a soft, feminine feel to my work.”

The idea of coming up with your own design would excite many but some may feel a little bewildered at the thought yet a single meeting with Hermione will put those worries to rest. Travelling between both locations, the designer ensures she can personally see every bride and client. Her passion for her creations is almost as glittering as the pieces themselves - “each piece really is a labour of love!”.

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