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Hermione Harbutt: Pearls For Your Big Day

Words By: Charles Edwards-Freshwater

We all know that weddings come with plenty of traditional aspects. After all, they’re a ceremony that has been integral to different cultures around the world for centuries, and even if you want a wedding that ignores most of these time honoured aspects it’s still nice to pay homage to them in certain details.

Pearls, for example have been a staple part of weddings for a very long time. Capturing the purity and beauty of the bride herself, these precious stones are likely to make an appearance at many a big day, and yet that doesn’t mean that you have to approach them in a totally traditional manner.

Widely renowned for making simply sensational headdresses and other bridal accessories out of precious materials, Hermione Harbutt has captured the power of pearls in her creations, seamlessly integrating their beauty into her designs so that brides can introduce the stones as a striking headdress or hair accessory that will only add a new level of elegance to the proceedings no matter what style or colour of dress you wear.

One of the most intriguing of these pearlescent creations is Hermione Harbutt’s Aphrodite Crown. Appropriately named after the goddess of love, this stunning crown features a romantic mixture of mother of pearl flowers and pearl tendrils, each tiny detail delicately designed to ensure that the crown looks exquisite from every angle. A couture alternative to a veil and a chic and contemporary way to embrace the traditional pearls into your big day, the Aphrodite crown is ideal for any goddess of love looking to join hands with the one they adore.

Another standout piece for any bride who wants to take a contemporary direction with their wedding attire is the Florrie Cuff Bracelet. An opulent burst of pure pearl flowers and delicate pearl buds, this enchanting piece looks like it has been taken straight from a fairytale, the glimmering stones, gorgeous construction and ethereal beauty of the bracelet making it one that will stand out for all of the right reasons.

One of the best things about Hermione Harbutt’s designs is that she really takes the whole look into consideration when designing each piece. Introducing precious pearls into earrings, headpieces, bracelets and hair accessories, Hermione Harbutt also makes sure that they form a starring role in the smaller details of the day such as hair pins so that every aspect comes together as a harmonious whole.

Her Violette hair pins are an excellent example of how Hermione plays with tradition. Formed from beautiful fronds of Swarovski crystal adorned with mother of pearl flowers, these pins are an excellent way to add some extra elegance to your bridal hair do, the glinting beauty and purity of the pearls shining out as true treasures that can be adored long after the day is done.

With every accessory under her belt in preparation for the big day, Hermione Harbutt is a name that has become attached to only the most chic of bridal touches and for very good reason. Fusing together vintage inspiration with a contemporary flair for fashion, every pin, headdress and bracelet from Hermione is a unique take on tradition that will make your special day all the more glamorous. 

Whilst pearls and brides no doubt play a major role in this chic designers collection, pieces for all occasions, in a variety of materials can also be purchased. For example, the brand holds a stunning array of eveningwear pieces using gemstones and Swarovski. A perfect example of such products is found with the gorgeous Diamond headpiece, and other diamond items. 

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