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Inhedited: To Pen an Heirloom

Words By: Sam Kessler

Writing is an art form, albeit one that’s not in the healthiest of states nowadays. We don’t mean the occasional scribbled notes on post-its, rushed calendar entries in your diary, the general writing out of necessity that we all do. We mean the art of carefully penning something meaningful, the kind of writing you take time to contemplate.

Part of that fall is just how disposable writing is becoming. Even things like Moleskine notebooks aren’t all that impressive. They work for jotting down the occasional notes, but we find ourselves longing for something with more… gravitas. There’s a need for something that has a certain heirloom quality that you’ll keep forever, treasuring it all the while. That means Inhedited.

The only problem is, once you’ve actually tried an Inhedited notebook, nothing quite feels the same again. Between the sumptuous paper, the beautifully crafted bindings and the exquisite details that marble pages and gild edges, you’ll be understandably reticent to commit your words into the care of anything else. Even with the wonderfully skewed perception Inhedited lends however, their set of eight manuscript books is something beautiful.

A manuscript book in itself is a little archaic; somewhere between a notebook and a hand-written novel, they’re meant for great literary works, though work just as well for keeping a particularly eloquent journal. Inhedited’s set however goes far beyond the actual use of the paper.

Each of the eight books is draped in first grade French goat leather, the soft smell and tactile feel begging to be handled. In the pale grey it’s also a far more modern look than you’d otherwise expect from something so lovingly antiquated.

That modernity is emphasised by the set’s most impressive aesthetic statement, the gilding. When placed as a complete set, the sharp diagonal line that extends across all eight acts as a place marker, creating a sculptural feel to an otherwise relatively unadorned object. More than that however, it’s testament to the ineffable beauty of a rare artisan craft.

That level of craftsmanship is also evident when opening the book. Rather than leaving each end-paper blank, they have instead been hand-painted with a stunning marbled effect. As well as creating a subtle extra facet to the books, the nature of the technique makes each and every one unique.

Of course, craftsmanship aside they’re books made for writing. The premium paper in Inhedited’s signature soft grey has been selected for its smooth, uncoated texture to provide the ultimate writing experience. Each carefully ruled page is individually numbered up to 137, with a table of contents nestled at the front for ease of reference – everything the budding writer or dedicated journal keeper could need.

Writing as an art form may be slowly dying, turning ever more digital and disposable, but with Inhedited around we can cling on to archaisms for a while longer. Their notebooks are anything but disposable and, in the case of their eight manuscript set, are true heirlooms. Just don’t be besmirching their pages with biro - standards must be adhered to.

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