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Kieran Tudor: A Cut Above The Rest

Words By: Charles Edwards-Freshwater

As we all know, finding the perfect hairstylist can be a lifetime struggle. More often than not we're happy to go to the same place month in, month out without even contemplating a change.We get comfortable and accustomed to the same barber or stylist. That's not necessarily a bad thing of course, but sometimes it's well worth trying a change.

The problem with hair is that, like us, it is completely individual and everyone needs special attention to make sure that their hair looks its very best -  the exact sort of attention provided by hairdresser Kieran Tudor.

Raised in a family of hairdressers and beginning the craft at just the tender age of sixteen, hairdressing didn’t originally strike a chord with Kieran, understandable given that he was raised in the environment. After doing an apprenticeship at his mother’s salon and then moving on to do study at the award winning Andrew Collinge Academy however, Kieran decided it may very well be the path meant for him.

Renowned for being the very best salon in the whole of Chester, the Andrew Collinge Academy gave Kieran the skills to succeed, allowing him to set his sights on the more challenging area of London. Quickly finding a place in D&J Ambrose he set to work astounding all of his clients with his personal approach and building a solid fan base.

It was during this time that Kieran started to become renowned as an outstanding platform artist, showing his skills on stage at both national and international competitions and beginning a strong relationship with industry giants Wella Professionals. This was mainly due to his love of doing experimental hair and collaborative efforts, creating funky styles for photo shoots and generally making his name one that can only be associated with the very epitome of current cool.

Quickly moving on to win the British Hairdressing Newcomer of the Year award in the 2012 (a highly prestigious recognition) Kieran then became a hairdresser in high demand, performing for new audiences, meeting a more discerning clientele and also beginning to showcase his skills at London Fashion Week making the models of the likes of PPQ among others look catwalk chic through and through.

Recently reaching the finals of the British Hairdressing Awards in 2015, Kieran Tudor has now become the Global Artistic Director, expanding his role to become leader of the Artistic Team whilst continuing his work at become the best in trend forecasting, one of his especial talents. Having studied the history of hairdressing throughout the ages, Kieran applies his in depth knowledge of the past to his current forward thinking, predicting how styles will evolve and supplying people with trend setting cuts that are definitely ahead of their time as well as suited to their individual style and hair type.

Now a name inseparable from dynamic, demure and altogether gorgeous hair styling, Kieran Tudor continues to push boundaries, collaborating with the most iconic brands in Britain such as Burberry in order to further the scope of his talents and attract individuals who want a taste of the Kieran Tudor aesthetic. Able to visit homes upon request, Kieran also spends two days a week situated at the Josh Wood Atelier, welcoming new clients and working with them to see how he can apply his magic.

It’s no understatement to say that finding a hairdresser who truly puts their all into their craft is sometimes easier said than done. However, Kieran Tudor has all but proven his skills time and time again, showcasing his photography books around the world and making a huge impact on the fashion scene. Creative, dynamic and always looking forward to the future, Kieran Tudor is a cut above the rest in terms of style making him the perfect choice for people with a fashion forward attitude. After all, it always pays to keep current with the fashions if you really want to standout for the right reasons.

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