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Nicki Macfarlane: From Cygnet To Swan

Words By: Charles Edwards-Freshwater

Though we all know the hunt for the bride’s gown is one of the most important aspects of the wedding day, outfitting your bridesmaids and flower girls is also something not to be overlooked. Indeed, forming a perfect cohesion between bride and her party is one of the defining parts of the aesthetic of the big day, and in many ways selecting bridesmaid dresses can be something almost as tricky as finding the dream gown itself.

Whilst finding dresses for older bridesmaids is never too much of a difficulty, when outfitting the younger ladies in your bridal party and your flower girl it can be tricky to find pieces that exude the right sense of elegance and innocence – that is, of course, unless you look towards the talents of Nicki Macfarlane. Renowned for creating the bridesmaid dresses for the wedding between Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge, Nicki Macfarlane have a unique talent in designing charming pieces that add a sense of whimsy and wonder for younger girls, each one of their gowns a delicate creation that stands out due to sweet design and impeccable quality.

Whilst their bespoke service is of course the ideal way to ensure that their gowns perfectly match the theme of your wedding, they also offer the Cygnet Collection, an expansive selection of designs which are nothing short of pure perfection. Able to make any little girl blossom into a swan of timeless beauty for the big day, below we look at some of our favourite gowns from the collection.


A magical style inspired by the faerie queen from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this charming dress is formed from pretty tulle which has been embellished with sparkling flowers that twinkle with every step. Puffed sleeves and a finely shaped tulle skirt give the dress a timeless silhouette and the silk bodice and matching sash lend a sense of tradition that is difficult not to fall in love with at first sight.

Available in both ivory and white, this dress is perfect for flower girls and bridesmaids due to its floral motifs and also makes the ideal addition to a timeless white wedding. Perfectly fitted and available in three sizes depending on the age of the girl, this dress perfectly demonstrates Nicki Macfarlane’s talents for creating attire which is nothing short of magical.


A delightful little gown that is every bit as bedazzling as its namesake, the Tinkerbell style from Nicki Macfarlane is another one embellished with twinkling beading, the floral shaped motifs embroidered onto the ballerina length tulle gown recalling the glittering allure of pixie dust.

A neat and presentable little dress that offers a generous petticoat and a fastening of covered buttons, one of the standout additions to this gown is that it comes with a silk sash that can be made to carry the colour of your theme. Whether it’s a deep red for a winter wedding or a springtime green or yellow, the floral motif will work with the sash to create a perfect harmony that will suit bridesmaids and flower girls alike.


A floaty and elegant style that bespeaks the swanlike grace which is the defining aspect of the Cygnet collection as a whole, the Maisy dress is one that shows off the skills of Nicki Macfarlane to perfection, the voluminous swathes of polka dot tulle, charming sleeve details and classic silhouette the perfect blend of contemporary and classic.

Available in ivory or white, this sweet gown can also be tailored further towards your desires, changing the button colour and sash colour so that it will look perfect against your chosen flowers and theme and be the ideal element to ensure that your aesthetic is realised in every little detail. After all, these bridesmaids and flower girls may be but cygnets now, but dressed in Nicki Macfarlane everyone can be a swan.

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