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ORSTO: The Smarter Approach to the Smartwatch

Words By: Charles Edwards-Freshwater

It’s no understatement to say that smartwatches have had a huge impact on the world of horology in recent years. Whilst we’re certainly not saying that the smartwatch will ever replace the more traditional timepieces (in fact they seem to be becoming more popular than ever) the fact remains that the smartwatch now offers people a choice between horology and technology depending on what they want from the experience.

This dichotomy doesn’t have to be absolute however, and after appearing as one of the forerunners of smartwatch technology in 2010, ORSTO have continued to be one of the leading names in the industry and for very good reason. Offering dynamic and stylish timepieces, ORSTO are unique in that they create watches that merge the worlds of horology and technology with ease, pieces that look like classic wristwatches but which have all of the latest smart technology stored inside too.

Whilst this may seem like a somewhat strange combination at first, ORSTO have ensured that each of their creations is designed to offer wearers the best of both worlds, seamlessly combining all of the benefits of the latest technology into timepieces that redefine the meaning of a smartwatch.

Though many a marque has now leapt onto the smartwatch bandwagon, ORSTO are different in that they ensure that their smartwatches still retain the beauty of a classical timepiece, the elegant curves and beautiful materials that define horology as an art instead of merely a manufacturing process. 

Making sure that each of the components that make up an ORSTO timepiece are made to their strict specifications and checked time and time again to ensure their quality, ORSTO put all of their timepieces through an extensive process of Design Testing to ensure utmost quality. 

Of course, this commitment to quality is to be expected who take their name from the method in which humans and machines interact (the ORSTO system first being created in 1985 in the infancy of the age of computers).

Split into four different collections, ORSTO have developed four very different types of smartwatches to suit four very different types of people. Traditional watch aficionados will want to explore the Classic 200 range, each of the watches combining the stylistic details of a bygone era with discreet touches of the 21st century, whilst those with a more up to date take on style should look towards those within the Contemporary 100 range, all of which have a distinctly modern allure.

Appealing to even the more adventurous side of horology, ORSTO have collections which deal specifically in pieces that will appeal to those who want their watch to be a companion to their journeys. Their Navigation 300 range features a rotating compass bezel and a striking machined body, features that can’t help but lend them a distinctly exciting appeal. 

The Diver 400 range also follows suit, offering the wearer the superior water resistance of a diving watch (up to 200m) as well as all the technology features such as a pedometer, heart rate tracker and app interactivity that makes a smartwatch so appealing to the technologically inclined.

Of course the heart and soul of a smartwatch is the features that it actually has, and here is where ORSTO’s pieces really come into their own. Seamlessly integrated into the face of each of their watches, ORSTO have introduced the O.R.S.T.O. GUI, a simple to use graphic interface that is used to show you everything from what music track you’re playing to the number of steps you’ve taken that day. 

Able to be easily navigated by just a few buttons places around the outside of the watch, this interface is more than just simply a display for information and more of a portable personal assistant, making it easy to add the smartwatch dimension into your life without having to worry about your timepiece looking like something out of the space age.

An article can never do a creation like this full justice- you need to see and feel how the machine works to really appreciate it- and yet just a glance at one of ORSTO’s timepieces will make it clear that these are a different breed from your average smartwatch. 

Intuitive and able to merge into your lifestyle without compromising your sense of style or adventure, ORSTO’s timepieces represent a merger of horology and technology that is one of a kind, a new way to wear a watch without having to choose between traditionalism and tech. After all, the smartwatch is here to stay, so why not embrace it in style?

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