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VIP Escapes: The Ultimate Lifestyle Experience Company

Words By: Sam Kessler

Though we may not always benefit from the best of weather, there’s no denying that the United Kingdom is still definitely one of the best places to enjoy an escape from the everyday. Home to the sophistication of Ascot, rip-roaring Formula One racetracks and some of the finest golf courses in the world, every part of the nation has a host of exciting experiences just waiting to be discovered - a venture made all the easier with the help of VIP Escapes.

First founded in 2014, VIP Escapes has since become one of the world’s premier lifestyle experience companies, offering individuals the chance to make every trip one to remember for a lifetime. The way they do this is by tailoring experiences to you, letting you live out some of your aspirations that may not be possible any other way or even helping you to get the very best tickets to sporting events that you wouldn’t want to miss.

At the heart of the concept behind VIP Escapes is their interest in the UK’s many sporting events.  This is especially true of golf, and VIP Escapes have a number of fantastic golfing opportunities for anyone who fancies themselves worthy of a world class challenge.

Able to arrange for you to play on the very best and most picturesque golf courses including Castle Stuart Golf Links, Trump Turnberry and The Old Course at St. Andrews among many others, VIP Escapes makes this experience all the more exciting by arranging you to play with a professional golfer by your side, literally allowing you to experience the game with one of your sporting icons and to learn a trick or two from a professional without equal.

Of course it’s not just golf where VIP Escapes exceeds at arranging the extraordinary, and a number of other sporting opportunities are also made all the more magnificent with the help of their services. Whether you want to make sure that you have the very best VIP experience at Ascot watching the “sport of kings” or want the best seats available on the tracks of the grand prix, VIP Escapes use their extensive network of contacts to make these wishes a reality so that you never have to settle for second best.

It’s not just major sports that VIP Escapes cover either, and understanding that the UK has an extensive history of countryside activities, all of the traditional pastimes are also offered in their series of experiences. Whether that’s simply taking you to the very best salmon fishing spots in the country or flying you via private jet to go deer stalking in the highlands, VIP Escapes make sure that every leg of the journey is done in absolute luxury so that your whole experience is completely carefree.

An experience is not simply about a game of golf or the time spent at the track, and VIP Escapes make sure that every aspect of your stay is really the best it can be. With access to only the grandest hotels and the finest dining destinations nearby to each of their escape locations, the company ensures that every single part of your experience is perfect from start to finish, laying the groundwork for an unforgettable trip doing something you love.

Active experiences aren’t the only string on the bow of VIP Escapes however, and for those less sport inclined there are still a number of great experiences to be had. Assuming that you don’t count shopping as a sport anyway. 

Able to arrange amazing shopping experiences with top fashion designers and at some of the most esteemed institutions such as Harrods, VIP Escapes is a way to open up some of the most luxurious gems of the United Kingdom, their personal shopper service giving you access to restricted sections of these establishments so that you can truly treat the world as your oyster.

The best thing about VIP Escapes is that your experience is totally bespoke to you. Making sure to source only the most exciting experiences and locations that fit with your tastes, VIP Escapes effectively plan a trip that revolves around your every wish, transporting you, accommodating you and letting you experience the things that you enjoy the most without you having to do any planning at all.

A truly discerning service that is ideal for those who want to enjoy their favourite activities without having the hassle of sorting out aspects of their trip individually, VIP Escapes is the ultimate lifestyle service for those who appreciate the finer things in life. After all, life is all about enjoying yourself so why not make sure that every trip you take is one that will stay with you for a lifetime?

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