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Wilson Audio: Compact Power

Words By: Charles Edwards-Freshwater

For over three decades Wilson Audio has been pioneering the way that we experience sound. Famed for their gigantic monoliths of speakers that are capable of filling any space with pristine tunes, the company has become synonymous with superior sound and audio systems that are just as bold as the sound waves they create.

But what if you want an audio system that isn’t such a titan but can still deliver impeccable sound? If this is the case then Wilson Audio’s Sasha Series-2 is probably the speaker for you.  Whilst this speaker is in no way diminutive, the size is considerably more compact and manageable than say their WAMM or Alexandria-2 models, instantly giving you more of a freedom of placement and ease of manoeuvrability which means you can move the speakers about at a party or whenever you use them – enhancing your audio experience by letting you have complete control.

Arguably the most iconic representation of David Wilson’s quest for absolute sound, the WATT/Puppy combination of the Sasha Series-2 is one of those speakers that instantly makes itself known in a room, the powerful sounds, crystal clear audio and striking aesthetic making it a piece of tech that will never be ignored. The WATT upper module part of the combination originally started life in the 1980s as a utilitarian recording tool, a portable, ultra high resolution location monitor for the recordings he was making at the time. Since then this part of the Sasha Series-2 Has evolved, pairing with the Woofer named the Puppy to create a system that offers the sound of much larger systems despite being far more compact.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the Sasha Series-2 ‘s development is just how much work went into combining these two iconic pieces of tech together. Constantly striving to evolve and revolutionize, David Wilson ensured that the current series of these speakers are entirely innovative in every feature, implementing research methods such as Laser Vibrometry Analysis to guide his design. A forward thinking method that involves the measurement of mechanical vibrations in their cabinets to the nearest nanometer, using the data from the LVA allowed David Wilson to design his Sasha Series-2 with an optimal cabinet as well as the perfect position for the internal braces, resulting in a clearer, more impressive sound.

Another feature that really sets the Sasha Series-2 apart from competition is that it has its own special inbuilt Convergent Synergy Tweeter. Originally a feature designed for the WATT, David Wilson decided to implement it into the Sasha, giving the speakers the ability to cover almost the entire mid-band without interruption of the crossover, including in the male-vocal region. Though the original version of this driver resulted as rather a large piece of equipment that could only be included in pieces like the Alexandria XLF, recent developments have allowed Wilson Audio to integrate it into the Sasha Series-2, even featuring its own bespoke rear-wave chamber to ensure that the Convergent Synergy Tweeter enhances the audio to levels which are simply unmatched.

A stunning feat of innovation and design, the Sasha Series-2 is so much more than just another set of speakers. Perfectly tuned and offering people the chance to experience the power and magnificence of a much larger system in a smaller, more compact and versatile form, it is little wonder that the Sasha Series-2 remains Wilson Audio’s best selling creation to date. After all, when it comes to audio bigger isn’t always better – it’s all about the quality of the sound.

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