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YAR: B-Yond Audio Perfection

Words By: Charles Edwards-Freshwater

If there’s one audio brand who always takes sound to another level it has to be YAR. Renowned for their impressively price tagged speakers and audio systems that have all but revolutionized the industry, each of their pieces of equipment helps you to experience the very best sound possible. Standing out even among this impressive resume of designs, the B-Yond amplifier has to be one of the most covetable pieces of technology in the market.

Designed specifically to reproduce the harmonic elements of the original sound to perfection, the B-Yond is a device that recreates this heart and soul of audio by amplifying the sounds and giving them a live quality – refining your favourite music and making it seem a whole new experience every time.

Of course an amplifier does this as standard, however the B-yond is a piece of tech that is truly unique as it is the only integrated amplifier in the world capable of offering a truly immersive sound experience that cannot be matched.  The idea behind this started with YAR having a goal – a mission to create an amplifier that could be genuinely different and superior to all others on the global market, equipped with a preamplifier and two separate power amplifiers that combine to create sound that is out of this world.

Designers for music lovers who appreciate digital sound as well as classic vinyl, this amplifier is versatile to your needs, helping you to create outstanding playlists of your favourite tunes or even enhancing the audio of your favourite TV show. Able to be paired with your television, games console, any analogue or digital audio devices as well as your phone, the B-Yond is a system that makes the impossible possible, welcoming everyone into a new era of high resolution audio that can be enjoyed via multiple mediums. Not only does it convert all formats on the market including the incredible DSD but the D/A converter is the most technologically advanced and superior on the market – ideal for technophiles who want only the best of the best.

Even the aesthetic of this futuristic piece of tech has been taken up a notch to present itself as a something that will instantly command attention for more than just sound. Encapsulated in a carbon fibre and aluminium shell the device uses these materials as a way to provide better vibration isolation and enhanced shielding against harmful electromagnetic waves, refining the sound further so it’s nothing less than audio bliss as soon as you hit play.

Vibrations are one of the most damaging aspects of turning up the volume, and in order to eliminate these interruptions the B-Yond has been fitted with a number of unique features. Using tubes that have been specially polarised to enable them to be replaced without altering the sound, the system eliminates potential sources of interference, the base of each valve suspended on a proprietary anti-vibration mounting that removes every vibration caused so that the sound quality is crystal clear. 

Though small in stature, because of these features the B-Yond remains powerful and inimitable, the class D power amplifiers putting out 350W of power per channel into 8 Ohms and 700W per channel into 4 Ohms. Full power and a high damping factor equals a peak transient response performance, giving perfect control over the speaker membranes and instant perfect harmonic decay, attack and acoustic pressure that makes any music sound like it’s being played by a live band right in your home.

The outcome of over two decades of research, design and audio intricacy, YAR’s B-Yond is a machine that is quite literally an amplifier that stands in a class of its own. Designed to have no buttons or knobs and instead be fully operated by an intuitive remote control, this device has the power to refresh your music and make it live quality every single time no matter the format. Futuristic and impressive in every area, this is one audio system that is a must own for anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of fine sound.

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