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Elegant Italian Villas to Rent for the Concorso d’Eleganza

As the birthplace of some of the most iconic motoring marques in the world including Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati and Lamborghini, it makes sense that Italy is also home to one of the most highly anticipated annual Concours d’Elegance. Taking place on the grounds of Lake Como’s most prestigious and iconic hotel the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este, this year Concorso d’Eleganza offers guests the chance to admire and immerse themselves into a world of fine motors dating back to the 1920s-1980s, all organised by different categories. Taking place from Friday the 26th May until the Sunday the 28th May, the show splits all of these rare cars and beautiful motorbikes into categories grouping together vehicles that define a certain age or era or even feel, easily ensuring that you can focus on the period of automobile elegance that particularly appeals to you or all of them if you want to experience the history of motoring in motion. From Speed Demons, which sees the v... Read More »

Modern Masters at Maddox Gallery

From Andy Warhol to Lincoln Townley, Finn Stone to Banksy and Dan Baldwin, the sheer range of talented artists exhibited at Mayfair’s Maddox Gallery is nothing short of breath-taking. A colourful wonderland of modern artists whose styles break boundaries and represent a new era of art, it is this forward thinking attitude and celebration of off the cuff artists that has led Maddox Gallery to present its latest exhibition – Modern Masters. A group exhibition that features many works by Maddox Gallery’s most successful roster artists as well as some pieces by some recently signed talent, among this colourful selection of pieces are new and completely unseen works by Jason Dussault and creations by Italian artist Simafra, both of whom are rising talents in the art world and whose distinctive styles are well worth seeing firsthand. Previously known for his fashion brand Deuce Custom Ink/ Dussault Apparel, Jason Dussault has also worked with Gene Simmons on the Kiss... Read More »

Paul Smith: Fashionably Timeless

These days it’s hard to tell whether a watch is more a necessity or a status symbol. After all, it is so often about aesthetics and the name attached to a timepiece that really sets it apart – an attitude which has long been at the core of the fashion world as well. Due to this, in recent years we have seen the two worlds combine on many occasions with famous designers bringing out timepieces that reflect their design aesthetic rather than focusing on grand complications. Bridging the gap between true horology and seasonal style, these watches are daring and beautiful – ideal for anyone who wants an accessory that is equally as fashion forward as the clothes they wear. Known for being a designer who keeps ahead of the curve, Paul Smith have recently unveiled a new unisex MA watch collection, building from the original MA design and recreating it for the discerning man and woman.  A wonderfully understated, minimalist and modern design, this new MA watch col... Read More »

Lunch with Sir Steve Redgrave at The London Sporting Club

Winner of five Olympic gold medals and an all around sporting superstar, Sir Steve Redgrave is one of very few people to have ever achieved such a momentous amount of first place medals at the Olympic Games, solidifying his status as a legend within the world of sport. Achieving his five gold medals in rowing over the course of five consecutive games between 1984 and 2000, Sir Steve Redgrave is one of, if not the very best Olympian that the country has ever produced. Claiming his first victory at the 1984 games in Los Angeles as part of a four, his second gold was then achieved in Seoul four years later as part of a pair. In 1992 he teamed up with Sir Matthew Pinsent in Barcelona and won his third gold medal and in 1996 he claimed another title with Pinsent, the only gold medal that Team GB achieved at the Atlanta Games. Finally at Sydney in 2000 Redgrave claimed a fifth gold as part of a four, which propelled him into legendary status.   The coveted Sports Personality of th... Read More »

The Hideaways Club:  A Decade of Beautiful Destinations

Combining the very best parts of luxury property investment with a key to the luxury lifestyle, it’s no secret that The Hideaways Club has become one of the most coveted ways to holiday for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Able to give you access to only the most extraordinary properties in the most sought after destinations around the world without any of the hassles of full property ownership, The Hideaways Club is a unique concept that has revolutionised the idea of luxury travel, and one that over the last decade has evolved to become something truly extraordinary. Now celebrating ten years of allowing people to travel in a new and unique way, we look back on how The Hideaways Club has evolved through the years and what makes it one of the most exciting and glamorous opportunities for the modern traveller today. Beginning by offering a number of specially chosen properties around the world, over the course of a decade The Hideaways Club have expanded ho... Read More »

Ultimate gourmet travel on The Presidential

There was a time where train travel was the very height of elegance. A time that inspired Agatha Christie as she wrote of the Orient Express, it was a golden age where taking a trip was an adventure to be remembered instead of something every day. Aiming to bring this level of glamour and exclusivity back to the forefront of train travel, Portugal’s The Presidential train is a beautiful railway adventure that combines fine dining with the exploration of some of Portugal’s finest sights, something that is best enjoyed over three days in their Six Senses Gastro Tour.  Their premium package for people who want to truly embrace the spirit of what modern day luxury train travel is all about, this incredible journey will see you taste fine food and see the most fantastic scenery along the way, welcoming you into the very lap of luxury with an itinerary that will appeal to foodies, adventurers and all sorts of travellers alike. Ensuring that everybody who signs up for t... Read More »

D-Table: Furniture and Technology Combined

In the modern age technology has come to define life on a daily basis. Connected to work, socialising and even recreation there’s rarely a time when we don’t have technology at our fingertips, and yet it’s uncommon we are faced with technology being integrated into our lives in new and innovative ways.  After all, we will all rush out for the latest phone or laptop, but what if we were given the opportunity to explore all of the latest apps in a way that was daring and unique? This is exactly what makes the new D-Table such an intriguing premise. An innovative and futuristic merger between furniture and state of the art touchscreen tech, the D-Table is an interior piece that offers people the chance to have a statement piece of furniture that also doubles up as a highly interactive and impressive piece of technology. The man behind this impressive invention is Italian entrepreneur Danilo Cascella. Child of the Umberto and Fiorella Cascella who founded the C... Read More »

The Kitchen Opens At Chewton Glen

Already renowned for the great culinary diversity and dedication to fresh produce in their restaurants, luxury hotel Chewton Glen has now broadened their repertoire of delectable delights with the opening of a new restaurant/ cookery school called The Kitchen. A highly anticipated new eatery for the hotel, The Kitchen opened its doors earlier this month and has already become a new favourite for guests due to its interesting blend of dining, cooking and social aspects which marks it out as a very different experience to the other restaurants in the area. The perfect place to eat, meet, create and cook, The Kitchen is the result of a joint effort from Celebrity Chef and Chewton Glen alumnus James Martin and Chef Tutor Rob Cottam who will be heading up the cookery school.  Arguably the most exciting aspect of The Kitchen is how diverse it is as a space. Not confined to being merely a restaurant, The Kitchen has a number of demonstrations, bespoke lessons and stimulating course... Read More »

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017

Throughout the year there is always one motoring event that is always on everybody’s lips – the Goodwood Festival of speed. A different breed from the light-hearted vintage whimsy of Revival and the restrained approach of the ground’s horse races, the Festival of Speed is exactly what the name suggests –  a gathering all about raw power and eye-watering speed. An intoxicating, adrenaline fuelled mixture of cars, stars and motorsport royalty, the Festival of Speed is the biggest event of its kind in the world and continues to break records year after year. Created in 1993 by the current Earl of March after being inspired by the private hill climb his grandfather hosted in 1936 for the Lancia Car Club, The Festival of Speed has since become a huge global event that draws keen petrolheads and crowds from countries all over the world, gathering for four days for the events, excitement and stunning array of races that form the core identity of the festival.... Read More »

Ben Rousseau: Clocking On

Colchester is the oldest recorded town in England, the capital of Roman Britain nearly 2000 years’ ago. As a boy growing up in Colchester, designer Ben Rousseau was intrigued by the ingenuity of Roman engineering and architecture, but already had one step firmly in the future. Passionate about sci-fi movies, automotive design and futuristic technology, he chose to study Product and Industrial Design at University, having first embarked on graduate studies in 3D Design and Creative Model Making. Shortly after graduating, he founded Rousseau Design, which was then mainly focused on creating stage and lighting displays for commercial events. That same sense of theatre and dramatic narrative is a key ingredient of his creative philosophy. Ben produces collections of personal projects and art-design pieces that include highly engineered wall art, installations and sculptures. His work has been exhibited in institutions both UK and abroad, including the V&A Museum, the Grand... Read More »

Savoy Steam: The New Fragrance from Penhaligon’s

One of the oldest and most celebrated perfumers in England, there’s no denying that a new release from Penhaligon’s is always something to look forward to. Having recently played on their quintessentially British charm and quirky persona with their Portraits collection, Penhaligon’s instead have gone down a more traditional route with their latest fragrance release - Savoy Steam. Inspired by the tradition of gentlemen of old taking a break between their suit fittings and other well respected pursuits and relaxing in traditional Turkish steam baths on Jermyn Street, Penhaligon’s have aimed to capture this delightful image and cloud of fragrances in their new release and have created a feminine version to match so that gentlemen and ladies alike can experience the soothing and invigorating scents that have led to the creation of such an interesting new fragrance. Those familiar with Penhaligon’s will realise that this is not the first time the old Turk... Read More »

The South Kensington Club: Inspired by Adventure

If you were to think of the most iconic private members clubs in London, the South Kensington Club would certainly be one of the first to spring to mind. A famously innovative club that looks towards adventure and exploration as the inspiration behind its many ventures, though only a couple of years old SKC is a place where you can both feel entirely at home and also explore your horizons, all whilst making use of state of the art facilities and meeting likeminded individuals. Arguably the core part of the South Kensington Club is their worldly approach to wellbeing. Drawing on rituals from around the world to promote health, fitness and general spiritual happiness, the club is an oasis of calm where you can rest, relax and rejuvenate as well as get involved with exciting adventures, discussions and simply have a good time. By taking this belief that wellness is the core part of achieving a happy and balanced lifestyle, the club helps its members embrace this philosophy by supply... Read More »

Backes & Strauss: The Regent Beau Brummell Tourbillon Pocket Watch

There was a time where wristwatches were an idea that was a mere figment of the imagination. Time instead found its home in more ornate pieces, stunning pocket watches that balanced aesthetic beauty with a ceremony of time telling that afforded a certain gravitas that has been lost in the faster paced world of today. With a gentle pull of the fob chain a gentleman would summon his timepiece from his waistcoat pocket and into the palm of his hand, elegantly regarding the time in a way that required more than just a simple flick of the wrist. A beacon of a more elegant era, it was also people such a Beau Brummell, one of the Regency Period’s most flamboyantly popular gentlemen, who helped to form the identity of this more opulent era. A leading figure of male fashion and the dandy lifestyle, Beau Brummell was renowned for his wit and mastery over fashion, a taste for the finer things in life that was fuelled by his fortunate beginnings. Born in London in 1778 as the son of th... Read More »

Thomas Kennedy: Renaissance Man

Deep in the Shropshire countryside is a time machine: the studio of scagliola artist, Thomas Kennedy. Here Thomas produces a decorative surface that is so rare and extraordinary that even he cannot say precisely how it is made. Scagliola is a 16th-century plasterwork technique practised by only a handful of artists in the world today. It is thought to have originated in Southern Germany, as a direct response to the growing obsession among Europeans of the time for coloured marbles (pietra dure), inspired by the first excavations of Ancient Rome. Scagliola resembles marble and other stones, but is in fact comprised of gypsum plaster, animal glue and raw pigments, combined through a process that is almost entirely intuitive. As Thomas himself explains, “The process was historically passed down from word-of-mouth from father to son, because it varied so much across individual craftsmen that there was no one clear method. Over the last two decades, I have created many scagliola... Read More »

Noblekey: Combining Luxury With The Everyday

If there are three things that you must never leave the house without these days it’s your keys, your wallet and your phone. Whilst the luxury market have already explored and created the very best wallets and mobile handsets, it isn’t until now that Noblekey, a newcomer in the luxury world, have made it their mission to ensure that your keys are just as opulent as everything else. In a lot of ways this makes sense. After all, no matter whether it’s the keys for your home or your car, these small tools are something that you already treat with the utmost care, pieces of your everyday life that you have to value in order to keep control. Realising this, Noblekey have put to use their masterful expertise to help people create keys that are as intricate and exquisite as jewellery, instantly elevating the ordinary to new heights of beauty and the unique. The first step of this process is deciding on the design. As Noblekey only makes keys by request no two of their... Read More »

Glashütte Original Head Back to The Swinging Sixties

Known to be one of the leading German watchmakers whose history spans back to the mid 19th century, it’s safe to say that Glashütte Original are a brand whose heritage precedes them. With centuries of innovation and design behind them, it is the swinging sixties that have recently appealed to the designers at the watchmaker as the perfect focus for a comeback, resulting in the marque releasing a new collection of timepieces entitled the Sixties Iconic Square. As anyone who has seen any item from the sixties will know, funky shapes and bright colours are all part of the charm, and it is exactly these aesthetic choices that the watchmaker have brought back in this series of retro-cool timepieces, all, of course, with a modern twist.  Though the collection was first revealed at an inaugural presentation on 2015, Glashütte have recently expanded the collection with five new colours and dial designs, all of which have been made by the Saxon manufactory’s own di... Read More »

Escapes for Mother’s Day

From the very beginning a mother is one of the most important people in your life. Always supportive and helpful, without our mothers many of us would not be where we are today, so for this Mother’s Day why not do something special? Whilst buying her a new handbag or her favourite fragrances are always an excellent option, nothing can quite beat spending some quality time with your mother, and as such we’ve put together a small selection of escapes throughout the country so that you can whisk her off somewhere special and show her how much you really care. Spa Days at Chewton Glen We all know that your mother deserves some pampering and indulgence, and understanding this the spa at Chewton Glen have introduced some wonderful spa days that have been specifically tailored to help your mum feel rested, relaxed and truly appreciated. The first of these is the wonderful Just for Mum Spa Day. Beginning with a breakfast in the Pool Bar, your mother will then enjoy an h... Read More »

A Decadent Day of Dining Onboard The Presidential

There’s something innately romantic about taking a trip on a luxury train. Whether that’s making your way across Europe on the Orient Express or instead travelling through the untracked parts of India onboard the Royal Maharajahs Express, it is a mode of transport that exudes the opulence and excitement of a bygone era, something which The Presidential train has mastered with its highly exclusive trips around the Alto Douro valley in Portugal. A striking train that has recently risen to the heights of elegance once more after an extensive renovation, The Presidential is undoubtedly Portugal’s premier luxury experience and combines a number of elements to ensure that it is, quite simply, always a phenomenal experience from start to finish. Offering two different types of tours for travellers who want to experience this glamour from another age and immerse themselves once more into the glory days of travel, The Presidential is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to... Read More »

Tom Palmer: The Alchemist

The traditional image of an artist is of someone with easel and palette, working at a leisurely pace to capture landscape or figure. Visitors to Tom Palmer’s Sussex studio are more likely to encounter him robed as if for chemical warfare, with one area of his admittedly picturesque barn screened off with plastic sheets to prevent dust contaminating the whole area. For Tom produces many of his magical and ethereal works using resin, which he manipulates and ‘paints’ to spectacular effect. While the results are often breath-taking, the process is highly skilled and demanding. Tom is both alchemist and scientist, mixing up different resins – a variety of clear liquids – to exact ratios. Once the catalyst is added, he has anything between one hour (on a hot summer’s day) to four (on a cold winter’s one) to produce the compositions he has in his head within the resin. As he explains, “This is a slow-motion chemical reaction. The paints I... Read More »

Gilmerton House: The Most Exclusive Private Venue

The magnificent home of the Kinloch family who have dwelt between its walls for over twelve generations, to say that Gilmerton House is a spectacular property is nothing short of an understatement. Operating as a private venue for the last 20 years, in 2017 the house was awarded the honour of being named the ‘Most Exclusive Private Venue’ and just a quick look at the property makes it very clear as to why. Just a short trip away from the sights and sounds of Edinburgh, Gilmerton House is nestled inside its own 1,000 acre estate, 100 acres of which are still covered in lush woodlands and picturesque walks that guests can enjoy. Retaining the level of classic luxury with a fresh, modern twist that you would expect from a house that has been voted the most exclusive venue of the year, the decor alone at Gilmerton House welcomes you into a bygone era of luxury, the antique furniture and spacious rooms recalling a level of glamour that is difficult to find today. Fitted wi... Read More »

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